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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Big Bling Stack
Stephanie is the NYC based artist behind the incredible jewelry collections of Metalicious and I am happy to feature her as our Jet of the Day today. Happy, yes, but very challenged. I have fallen in love with so many pieces that I do not know where to begin. Lets start with Stephanie and her inspiration in her own words:

"Metalicious is forged from my passion to create using both my hands and my imagination. My creativity is influenced by science and nature, forming a balance that translates into my work. From architecture to tree bark to brick walls, there is beauty and perfection in every form and texture"

Wide Band Alternative Modern Engagement and Wedding Rings

"Big Bling" and the ring set above are part of the  timeless Modern Rock Collection. These  highly polished, faceted "metal jewels" sparkle like gemstones. The collection includes other ring styles, earrings and necklaces. Less is more in the Modern Rock Collection and these pieces stand out in a crowd and make a fashion statement.

Stephanie’s inspiration comes from the pureness of form, the vibrant color and sparkle of 
gemstones, diamonds and precious metals, and her desire to create timeless designs. She makes each original piece by hand using various techniques, from traditional metalsmithing to unconventional wirework.

Periwinkle Lavender Purple Tanzanite Filigree Antique Look Pendant Necklace in Wrought Sterling
 These little "Sweetie" earrings are made to look like diamond stud earrings, but with a colorful surprise.

Teal Blue Topaz Diamond Stud Earrings

There is so much more to see, from the fun 'Bubbles" collection, to the men's jewelry selections that even my man would wear! Whether you are in the market for rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, or if you just love well made, artisan jewelry, do not miss a visit to Metalicious

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