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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MyaBruce Designs


What started as a creative way to send announcements and invitations for her children has turned into a full blown custom photo card company for this already multi-multi-tasking mama.


And if Leah, of MyaBruce Designs was not busy enough, she has added a collection of fantastic personalized  jewelry to her repertoire.

Leah can take your special photo and make unique and unforgettable invitations, announcements, thank you notes,note cards, stationery and more! You work with her every step of the way to assure the perfect photo card for your needs.

Leah's Additional Pendants for her Silver Necklaces


Girls Personalized Budding Turquoise Necklace

For this pendant, Leah paired up with the photographer who had ordered the pendant
"I Shoot People" Pendant 

The choices for her personalized jewelry are limited only by your imagination! You work together to create the perfect piece of custom jewelry.
Personalized Bronze and Gold Set

I told you that Leah of Mya Bruce Designs was a multi-tasker. Please, check out her blog to learn more about her jewelry and see lots more pictures.
AND, read all about Leah's efforts in Darfur and her human rights activism. You will read about a very inspirational woman and how the efforts of one can subsequently move mountains.

Leah founded "Be Their Messenger" !

It has been my pleasure to tell you about this shop and its owner. Thank you so much for reading,
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