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Monday, June 13, 2011

Etsy Obscurity: Vintage 1970's Alarm Clocks

I have never thought much about alarm clocks, and they are a crucial item in many people's daily lives. So I thought I would peek at a few oldies. I settled on the 1970's, an era not known for beautifully designed anything!

I fell upon Clockwork Universe by accident; ok, I was caught in  an endless Etsy browsing episode. Do not pretend you never do this!

Look at these Russian beauties I found there:

and this Chinese clock from The Big8S

And a few lovelies from the good ol' USA. This from  VintageShelfandWall

 and from Cwoeri

and who can forget these beacons of USA design:
Thanks for indulging me. I hope you enjoyed a little Etsy obscurity.