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Saturday, July 23, 2011


It is hot. Ninety percent of our overly-complaining country is living through a heatwave. Remember, things could always be worse.

Remember our soldiers broiling in Iraq and Afghanistan. Say a prayer for them, and put on some shorts.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July Sale!

Just want to share with you some of the pieces that I have on sale this month in my Christmas in July Sale section.

Everything is 20% off and free shipping!

Monday, July 18, 2011


I have a complaint about all of the complaining on Etsy. 
Stop it!
Complaining is bad business!

 It can be very tempting to complain about a lack of sales. But would you ever say this to a customer, "Oh, I have not seen the sales fairy in weeks"?  Remember that most of the Etsy forums are public – once you post a comment online, it is there forever, for people all over the world to read. Also, many buyers come right from Etsy. Your buyer may be on a forum with you, listening to how poor your business is. Nobody wants to join a losing team. That is bad business.

If you must complain about slow business or your frustration with your business, or have a legitimate question about sales volume, etc. do so on a forum where you can post anonymously!

Not exactly scientific, but interesting: I asked six Etsy shopper-friends, what they look for when purchasing. Personally, I do not base my  Etsy purchases on the number of sales a seller has, and my small "study" found the same results.

The consensus was that a decision to buy is first based on several clear photos, especially a photo of the item being worn; next on vivid descriptions that are almost as good as touching an item. My "focus group" shoppers all appreciate a cohesive, professional branding feel, and a positive, open, personal vibe from a seller. A fair return policy is well appreciated and a "no returns" policy is a total deterrent to purchasing.

For me, luxe packaging with a personal note, (and, of course, a high quality product) assures me becoming a return customer. I do not think I am alone when i say " I love packaging". The shoppers I spoke with agreed with me, but three did not care about a personal note.
Feedback: the buyers I spoke with reported that they read feedback skeptically and do not base decisions of whether or not to buy on feedback, unless it is glaringly bad. They tend to believe the positive and find a single negative feedback not to be a deterrent to purchasing

Another problem with complaining; above all else, complaining is negative. Positive thinking results in positive outcomes. It just does. Negative self thought and doubt results in a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Sure, selling on Etsy can be discouraging at times, but you want your customers to hear your creative voice and not feel your doubt. Put your complaining time and energy into researching and implementing new ways to improve upon the issues that buyers see as relevant.

Take home message :
If you wouldn’t say something directly to your customers, it’s best not to post it online.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Back with a Bang

It is the Fourth of July weekend so I am back with a bang, and a sale in Your Daily Jewels

It was hard to leave this week because there was a lot going on with Your Daily Jewels promotions and, of course, the JETS Grande Challenge. Currently, I am tied for first place! Scroll down two stories to see how to vote. There is still time!

I had the greatest week away at a continuing education program for the physical therapy part of my life. I know I have told you all a little about hippotherapy but have not given any in depth information about this wonderful treatment strategy for people with disabilities.  Its coming!

This week I was in Islandia, NY, at the Pal-o-Mine Center attending an advanced course given by The American Hippotherapy Association. I am now certified in the advanced level of this fantastic, efficient therapy strategy. Whew, it was a tough week!

A little rest and off to find Frank who is already in Manasquan! I wish I could blink myself there.

Happy Independence Day everyone! Do not forget, after all the fireworks and parades, the reason we celebrate this weekend is to commemorate The Declaration of Independence  and the founding of our country.

And, also not forget to stop by my shop where everything is marked 15% off!:)