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Monday, July 23, 2012

TraceDesigns, Minimalist Sterling Jewelry in the Colors of the Ocean

Robert Pilkington
Since I am writing from the beach today, I thought it would be appropriate to feature some items in the natural hues of the beauty surrounding me.

This and all of Mae Chevrette's mixed media; and original watercolors and prints are featured in the August 2012 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine.  The deep ocean colors of this particular print really spoke to me, as well as  the quote by Isak Dinesen (pen name of Baroness Karen Blixen.) So much so, that is is now hanging in my home! Find more like this on Etsy.com

Aqua Blue Chalcedony Necklace
While you are on Etsy, get yourself some gloriously oceany gems from Tracedesigns, and then hit the beach.

Modern, minimalist.

Teal Green Earrings with Sterling Silver Accents

Steel Blue Grey Earrings on Geometric Sterling Silver Wires

 Affordable luxury.

Sage Green Wire Wrapped Amethyst Necklace

Sweet Mint Green Earrings with Sterling Silver Wire Wrapping

  Simply, beautiful.

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Necklace

Sodalite Blue Earrings with Sterling Silver

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rustic Rock Jewelry's Time to Squeak

100% Recycled Bronze

Everyday I am filled with ideas and passion for both of my  Etsy shops. But, Your Daily Jewels, has become the squeaky wheel, and Rustic Rock Jewelry has not been receiving the promotional attention it deserves.

 Many of my customers, friends, and Etsy teammates are not really sure what Rustic Rock Jewelry is all about, so I feel it is time to devote  few  minutes to it. 

Years ago, it started out as a place where I would only deconstruct vintage or broken jewelry and reconstruct it into unique modern pieces using the older metals, findings, and stones. 

Vintage Necklace Re-purposed into a Triple Chain Choker (sold)
Your Daily Jewels is filled with shiny and oxidized silver and gold; and here, I love combining natural stone with earthy brass, copper, and oxidized, (antiqued) metals;  as well as reclaimed or vintage  metals.  

"Small Bananas" (sold)  Reconstructed from a Vintage Necklace
Through my love for gemstones in their natural form, Rustic Rock Jewelry evolved into a shop where I could get my fill of playing with druzy, (drusy), geodes; rough cuts, and hammered gemstones and create modern and affordable jewelry for everyday wear.

Earthy metals and chunky stone. In a word, "rustic"

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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Color Wheel Goes 'Round: Mandarin and Mint

"To design" is to plan the look or the function of something prior to making it; both equally important in many cases.
The term "Fashion" was once solely the vernacular of the "fashion world". But today, fashion is broadly used as a prevailing style or the popular look of the moment. It applies not just to apparel but to furniture and home design, jewelry, architecture, art, film, and virtually all of the creative industries and arts. Thus, trends appear in all of the above mentioned arts, just as they do in fashion. Do the trends follow fashion? Does Fashion follow other arts? One thing they all have in common is the color wheel. And it is often a common thread  visible in many of the arts industries from season to season.

SA Studio


Designs by Cher

Trace Designs

Your Daily Jewels

Willow Creek Jewelry

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Look for any of this beautiful jewelry and more on Etsy.com. Search "Jetteam green" "Jetteam orange" "jetteam mint" etc. 

To see more lovely interior design to drool over, visit JossandMain.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get it Right - Wedding Day Jewelry by Urban-Pearl-Studio and BeadzNBling

Are you or someone you know  getting married soon? As a jeweler, I know how overwhelming it can be trying to find just the right jewelry for your special day. And as a jeweler myself, I have seen some really great shops and some pretty fly-by-night shops out there on the Web. Your wedding day is one day where nothing can go wrong.

Luckily, I am here to tell you about two fantastic wedding jewelry shops where you will find exactly what you want and need, at any budget. And they just both happen to be owned by the same person, my good friend from Dallas, Texas, Lynn.  Let me tell you about BeadznBling on Etsy.com and Urban-Pearl-Studio.com. 

Lynn can often be heard saying "Your wedding is already costing you a fortune...your jewelry shouldn't have to!"

Visit BeadzNBling on Etsy.com
From a simple single pearl pendant, to her exquisite "Studio" line, Lynn will work with you and within your budget, to outfit your entire bridal party.

Simple Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Visit Urban-Pearl-Studio.com

Lynn is known for simple, elegant, chic, handmade artisan wedding and bridal jewelry using  freshwater pearls and Swarovski elements. Whether you are a traditional bride, or a flip flopping beach bride, or any type in between, Lynn will make sure you and your bridesmaids are perfectly, appropriately jeweled.

Whether it is earrings, necklaces, or bracelets,  BeadzNBling on Etsy.com  and  Urban-Pearl-Studio.com, will have you in wedding jewelry bliss. (And at BeadzNBling you will find plenty of Honeymoon goodies to pack too!)

White Pearl Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

Now, this says a lot: I make wedding jewelry, and I would go to Lynn if I was getting married. Why? It is what she does.  It is her specialty and she has been doing it a long time.

Even if you are not getting married, it is worth a peek through her dreamy, affordable, unique shops.

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