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Monday, August 6, 2012

Laura Stamper Wearable Art

 Laura's Girls

Mother Nature

Welcome to a world of wearable sculpture, where imagination meets art. Each unique piece is crafted from porcelain and gemstones, and set in mixed metals
(sterling silver,fine silver, mokume gane, 18k, 22k and 24k gold).

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Bracelet

For more than 20 years Laura Stamper has created sculpture to wear. If you were lucky enough, you may have stumbled upon her artwork in one of many  select galleries and art shows across the country.  It is only recently that her pieces are available for viewing and purchase online on Etsy.com and on her website.

In jest, I titled this piece, "Laura's Girls", however, she sculpts and created much more than only women. Her jewelry pieces depicting women in their most feminine form are just some of  my favorites.

Marilyn Ring

Laura's evolution

Laura is a studied portrait painter; her first love being painting and illustrating. When approaching a new piece, she thinks in terms of color, composition and negative space. In 1986, the creative process grew to work in clay sculpture and pottery. She dabbled with small pieces of porcelain jewelry, drawing pictures and glazing the miniatures. In 1993, she took the process one step further and sculpted the porcelain to make the jewelry. As the work evolved, so did her desire to work with metal in order to incorporate the porcelain miniatures with other materials.
The entire process for each piece consists of multiple steps. She sculpts the miniatures in fine porcelain. They are then fired several times in small kilns layering the glazes. When they are finished, they are married with gemstones and other natural materials using fabrication techniques. The metals that used in this process are fine and sterling silver, 18k and 22k gold and 24k gold leaf.
The final result, a breathtaking, miniature piece of wearable art that you will cherish forever.

Long Mermaid Earrings

Here is where Laura will be over the next few months, and a listing of some of her permanent installations:

Port Clinton Art Fair - August 25-26
, Chicago IL

Lakeview East Art Fair - September 8-9
 Chicago IL

Craftworks at Martha's Vineyard

Dennison-Moran Gallery in  
Naples, FL

 in Santa Fe, AZ

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Dennison Moran Gallery
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Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Laura-Stamper-Designs