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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ring up the BINGS: It's Jewelry Giveaway CONTEST Time

My new shop is open and in celebration I am  giving away TWO of my silver initial necklaces via a simple contest with lots of chances to enter. Read on for everything you need to know:

Most Importantly: As the prize winners, you may choose any one initial from the  “Large Initial” section of Silver Initial Jewelry on Etsy.
There are lots to choose from, and I will make you a lovely necklace.

Just Some of the "Large" Initials You Can Choose From.


Here is how you can enter,  (over and over):

Ring Up the ---BINGS---

Like it/ heart it/ follow it/ chase it/ or anything else you can do to it.---BING--- one Entry.

2.   Pick out your favorite Initial, (see # 1, do that again for the item). Then copy the link and…

3.   Drop the link on my Facebook page “Etsy Jewelry Stores”

----BING--- one Entry   (feel free to reflect on why you like it, or anything nice or fun you would like to say :)

4.   “LIKE” my new FB page, (you’re there anyway) and leave me a post so I know. ---BING---one Entry.  Also remind me you "liked". etc.  my Etsy shop.

5.   Anyone who has already  “Liked” my Page and Etsy shop gets an Entry grandfathered in, just to be fair (Remind me, only once) ---BING---one Entry.

6.   You Can do #2/#3 once a day and rack up the entrees!

7.  Write a BLOG post about my new shop, (if you don’t have a BLOG, guest write on someone else’

·     with a little from my “about” section

·     and 3-5 big photos

·     with captions with links to my sections or listings

·     Tweet it, Pin it, etc.

·     BING – BING- BING 10 Entries!!!

 How The Winners are Chosen:

All entries will be assigned a number. All numbers will be compiled and a winner will be chosen by random.org’s random # chooser on September 23rd.

Thank you all so much for joining in, playing along, and helping me to introduce my new silver initial wax seal jewellery shop and new Facebook page to the world.