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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Whats New This Spring? From Your Daily Jewels and Rustic Rock on Etsy.

As always, Rustic Rock Jewelry is home of the original piece of jewelry that you will not find anywhere else.  This is fitting as it is my original shop. One thing that remains consistant, is that it is the shop where you will find I use mostly alternative metals such as brass, copper, mixed metals,  and bronze; and my all time favorite, matte gold, (which is plated brass).

Rustic Rock is the unofficial home for my matte gold jewelry, which, by the way, goes with everything. Wear it with your silver or your gold jewelry. And especially, wear it with a tan!

Matte Gold Selections at RusticRockJewelry on Etsy

RusticRockJewelry on Etsy

My first shop is my late to the game when it comes to jewelry for men. But alas, it is here. I have just begun my Rustic line of jewelry that will be filled with teeth, claws, (all made of metal ), hammered gemstones, arrowheads, leather, and all kinds of goodies that men love.

Here is a first peek:

Mens Necklace- Bear Claw carved from Reclaimed Buffalo Bone, Antique Brass Chain and Arrowhead

That's what's new in Rustic Rock. Lots more Spring Line roll-outs to come in all three shops! Thank you for visiting and I hope you stop back soon.