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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bronze Beauty



Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper,  and usually with tin as the main additive.

It is such a hard metal that when I hammer it,  am jarred from the top of my head to my feet. It takes my whole body to move it a millimeter. It is harder than wrought iron on the Vickers Hardness scale. 

My Initial Pendants  - in Fine Silver and Bronze

The Bronze Age in the  Near East began in the 4th millennium BC.  This period  is often called, "the cradle of civilization,” for good reason.


  Cultures  practiced year-round agriculture, developed a writing system, invented the potter's wheel, created a centralized government, law codes, and empires;  and introduced social stratification, slavery, and organized warfare. Societies in the region laid the foundations for astronomy and mathematics.

Different Tones of My Bronze Initials Ranging from Copper to Gold

The Bronze Age gave way to the Iron Age. Bronze required trade and iron was easier to find and less expensive to make into a useable metal.

It truly takes my breathe away. The beauty of the bronze I work with. The variable textures and subtle changes in color. Each piece surprises me. It polishes up to a mirror shine that gives pure gold a run for its money.

Bellezza - Yellow Bronze - I found this on HSN! $70.00

 And left rough and rugged, a modern  pendant may look as if it is a thousand years old. 

See for yourself. There will be lots more coming as I build my new website,  TheModernHeirloom.com. Many  pieces will be cast from historic relics that are hundreds of years old and bronze is the perfect medium to showcase their soulful beauty.

Bronze Fleur de Lis, Available at Your Daily Jewels

Bronze Heraldry Pieces - Not Yet Available for Sale

I will be writing much more about bronze, and the history of heraldry and livery, as these are the pieces that I draw my inspiration from for my newest line. I can't wait to unveil The Modern Heirloom  to you within the next two months. For now, it is still, "Under Construction".

Thank you for reading,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where did Jan. and Feb. Go?

It seems like all of my posts start with "its been a while". When I started this blog, I had no idea how difficult it would be keeping it up!  I thought it would be a fun "hobby"; not viewing it as a crucial part of my marketing strategy.

Business has been great and I am so thankful to my customers, new, and those who have returned. Your Daily Jewels has taken off, but not without daily work on my SEO or Search engine optimization; SEM or Search engine marketing,; tweaking listings,  listing new things, designing and making new things, wrapping, shipping, endless emailing, and ordering supplies. Never mind Tweeting, Facebooking, Tumbling, Pinteresting, Stumbling, Kaboodling, Etsy networking, Deliciousizing, Wanelo, Fancy, Rebel Muse and advertising and posting on countless blogs. It is very hard work getting an online business up and running in a very competitive marketplace.

All of this from my little home studio in the midst of life: family life, health, dogs,  friends with crisis, two homes in the path of Hurricane Sandy, etc. So what's a girl to do? Well in my case? I am starting another company! Yes, you will see it soon. Within the next few months I will unveil The Modern Heirloom.com


I will leave you with that little teaser. Stay tuned for more information. Until then, I will be sharing silver pretties and lots of goodies from Your Daily Jewels, and a few musings now and then. Oh, I will give you the status of Rustic Rock next time.

Thank you for reading,