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Monday, March 2, 2015

March -Madness: Mad About Aquamarine, The March Birthstone

I wish I could change my birthday to March  just to have Aquamarine as my birthstone.

Here are just a few March birthstone, #handmadejewelry gift ideas  that I found on #Etsy.com. 

Want to see these and more? Visit the artisans shops on Etsy:



Rough or smooth, it is gorgeous in every shade and grade:


The gemstone has so many personalities.  My personal favorite is not shown in the above chart because it would be considered 'too low grade" . It is  'moss-aquamarine" which is full of 'inclusions" (or gunk). 'Mossy" gemstones are so popular these days because of their earthy splendor. 

As few as ten years ago, or so, these beauties would have been tossed because they were considered "low grade" due to their inclusions (which is actually mineralization). Just take a look at delezhen's ring and venusvelvet's earrings to get an idea of moss-aquamarine's splendor.

 Wanna get some....!
This is my favorite place to buy the best Moss Aquamarine - TheBusyLittleBeads - on Etsy

"Aquamarine" comes from the Latin “aqua” = water and “mare” = sea. Its sea-blue color has lead to its being called  “The Sailor’s Stone.”   Legend has cast it as a sacred gem of Poseidon ~ God of the sea, and a magical treasure found in the lair of mermaids.

The breezy, watery  blue gemstone is believed by some to have a gentling effect,  to protect voyagers from tempests; to pacify the mind; to give ease and fluency of speech; promote compassion and trust, and lastly, to bring good health.

Pretty AND smart. I'll take two!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Birthstone Gift is always a Great Gift Idea - All Year Around

Happy Birthday March Ladies!

Moss Aquamarine Line Necklace - Your Daily Jewels

Do you know that #birthstones actually have a long history? They are just not made-up like a Hallmark holiday, (as I mistakenly thought).  And throughout history, many have believed  birthstones to be imbued with specific healing and protective qualities.

According to the book of Exodus in the Bible, Aaron, a Hebrew high priest was ordered by God to create a breastplate with twelve gemstones.  One stone for each of the names of the sons of Israel, and each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.
These twelve gemstones have been linked to today's modern birthstones.

 Last Month's birthstone - February - Amethyst - from Urban Pearl Studio on Etsy

Purple Amethyst Druzy & Black Pearl Necklace - Urban Pearl Studio

 During the eighth and ninth centuries, Christians assigned stones to represent the twelve apostles. And it is believed that the astrological birthstone  that we are familiar with today  was Tibetan in origin.

Gorgeous - Garnet - Lucky January Birthday Gals Birthstone from Earth Energy Gemstones on Etsy.

Red Garnet Chakra Bracelet - Earth Energy Gemstones

In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers standardized the list, and in 1952 this was updated  by the Jewelry Industry Council of America.

Among the changes were the addition of alexandrite to the month of June- woohoo!,  citrine to November, pink tourmaline for October (my birthstone -  yay - pink is key),   lapis <as an alternate> was replaced with zircon for December, and  March’s primary and alternate gemstones of aquamarine and bloodstone were switched (another change to be thankful for). In 2002, tanzanite was added as a December stone.

Following is the commonly referred to list today:

Find Birthstone Jewelry at Your Daily Jewels

Every April birthday girl I know claims Diamond as her birthstone. Some charts show diamond and some show CZ.  Actually, Crystal quartz is a pretty and affordable alternative for April's birthstone, whichever one you go with. My sister's birthstone:

My mom's birthstone: Emerald Green for May - This stone is affordable Chrysoprase:

Mystic Chrysoprase Pendant - Your Daily Jewels

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