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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gifts for the Anti-Metro-Sexual Man on Etsy

I don’t know about you, but I like my men a certain way.  I  don’t want to see my man  carrying a man-purse, (gasp), and a cowl neck scarf will not be under my man's Christmas tree.

Under no circumstance  would I ever ask my man to hold my purse, not even for one second. During a sad movie, if his eyes well up with tears, that's OK, more than this would worry me. One appointment at the spa, and I would seriously have to reconsider things.

I know I am a little over the top with my “rules” for the manly man, but this is just one woman’s opinion, and here I bring you one woman’s perfect Etsy.com gift list for him. My “him”; the manly man.

The manly man should get a new wallet every twenty five years, or so. I love this wallet. It is about as  kitschy as I would ever go for my manly man, but it makes the list for its strong sense of irony. It already looks 25 years old.  Not right for your man?  There are plenty of other appropriately manly leather goods to chose from on Etsy.

In Blue - on Etsy

Copper is on the manly man list of perfect material to make anything out of. I love this money clip that can double as a book mark. And it is made by a JET!  There are also lots of lovely things in Adroit Jewelers that a manly man could buy his girlfriend/wife for the holidays, (Frank). Fact: Most manly men know the current market price of copper piping on any given day.

Adroit Jewelers - on Etsy

This is on the list because it looks like it smells good and leathery and we all need a phone case.

Robbie Moto - on Etsy

This manly man briefcase is hand-stitched by LusciousLeatherNYC

Rugged leather; carried like a briefcase, the way men used to carry a briefcase,  no shoulder strap, hence, no mistaking it for a man purse.

The Curly Bottle Opener - This Hand Forged Church-key looks like it will last forever, thus, like a good wallet, meets the strict criterion for the manly man gift.

About the only jewelry my manly man would wear is a wedding ring. And I cannot imagine one more perfect than this one by our own Smacky. It is has a masculine aesthetic, it is made to last forever, and it is affordable;  which, in my case, is important  because my manly man would most likely lose his now and then, and need a replacement or three. I need not worry, however, because my man will not be wearing this any time soon. We have only been together eight years. Apparently we still have to get to know each other.

SilverSmack - on Etsy

Cufflinks. Oh I do love cufflinks on a man. They have been a manly staple since before "metro-sexual" men's  grandparents were born.  Somehow, cufflinks get away with not being jewelry. Something about a man in French cuffs…

JET Team Mascot

This perfectly manly pair is made by the shop "Metalicious" on Etsy, where the manly man can find many other suitable items. And lots for his lady too.

Metalicious - on Etsy

If you go with a traditional gift of socks, look no further.  These handmade beauties look so comfy and warm (even though manly men are not supposed to feel the cold), and they are made in  Russia, an epicenter of manly men.

SockClub - on Etsy

The manly man is the picture of efficiency. Left to his own devices, my man would  use a bar of Dial soap to shower; and as deodorant, as shampoo, (well, he is bald, but for where his hair used to be), and to wash the dishes. Maybe even laundry in a pinch. Its funny, he always smells great!
So this, is perfect for the efficient manly man:
A belt/bottle opener:

Metalogical - on Etsy

Man-décor, please don’t get carried away giving his cave “the feminine touch”! No tchotchkes. No cafe curtains. However, if you are compelled to spruce his place up, try some vintage details or industrial design pieces. Etsy is filled with these items. At a shop called Hoof and Antler, you cannot go wrong.

HoofandAntler  (see what I mean?)

Contemporary Earth Art - on Etsy

I love these high ball glasses. The manly man does entertain. And when he is wearing his cufflinks he can serve drinks in these:

justbecauseshecan - on Etsy

A chunky cedar phone dock will fit into any manly man decor and cedar smells great with Dial soap.
woodtec - on Etsy

This is just a smattering of the endless gifts for men that can be found on Etsy.
My man needs nothing, uses nothing, wants nothing so he is not easy to shop for but Etsy is packed with suitable gift ideas for him. Just don't look for him wearing fingerless gloves anytime soon.

With love and smiles,