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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Jewelry on Etsy Team Holiday Gift Guide

 One stop shopping right here:

JET Holiday Gift Guide!

The Jewelry on Etsy Team is a curated group of 100 of the  premier  jewelers on Etsy. Why look through four million, (no exaggeration), pieces of jewelry on Etsy?

Use "jetteam" (no quotation marks) before your  specific search and you will find items from only the best of Etsy's jewelers.  


Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Been a While - Lets Start With Thanks and End With a SALE

Most nights, before I sleep, I take inventory of my day, and come up with five things I am grateful for. The word "gratitude" is one of my favorite words. Most days it is easy, some harder days it is a really difficult task. Try it! Some nights, I admit, I fall asleep before I get to number three.

This is the time of year, as an event,  we pause and give thanks for our blessings. I am so thankful to be feeling better again. Through the worst of things, health-wise;  and to have a roof over my head and a floor under my feet after Hurricane Sandy.

All through Thanksgiving dinner, I could not stop myself  drifting off to thoughts of those who lost everything in this devastating storm; wondering what they were doing this Thanksgiving. Wondering what they were thankful for.

This year I am so thankful for my customers, both loyal and new. I am honored that you put your trust in me, in my vision, and in my hands. And that you wear my creations, happily.  Thank you for a fantastic, busy year. You make my day every day.

 They're lined up around the block for the annual sale at 

Everything in two of my most popular departments is 15% off. Click and peek at the handmade necklaces and handmade earrings sale items. No codes needed, everything is marked down.

Here are some sale goodies you can snag now for yourself...I mean here are some great gifts for all budgets and tastes. From $12.00 - $200.00...and lots in between.

(just sold!)

Holiday shipping and shopping notes

  • Handmade earrings and necklaces SECTIONS on sale through MONDAY. 
***COUPONS may not be applied to sale items.
  • HOLIDAY ORDERS - Custom and Personalized SILVER orders, (INITIALs, etc.) must be in by DECEMBER 1st for Christmas delivery.
  • INTERNATIONAL shipping for CHRISTMAS ends NOVEMBER 25th.
  • My shop will be CLOSING December 18th for the Christmas holiday

 Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Irony in Life

I am a big fan of irony. Life is full of it and if you can't laugh at yourself, you will soon be taking yourself way too seriously which makes you no fun to be around. So here I am, in physical therapy instead of starting my new obsession of floating around gracefully, (as  all beginners do, of course!) doing yoga in a sack hanging from the ceiling. (scroll down to next post to read about my big plans.)

Taking care of my mom when she had Alzheimer's disease, I learned some of the greatest lessons, one is that you have to laugh. My mom and I laughed together until her last day.  Another is that, the only plan is that you have to plan for plans not to work. Plans B, and C, etc, are a big part of my plans.

Well, long story short, my floating in a sack, hanging from the ceiling doing perfect yoga-plans fell through due to an old shoulder injury. I had this shoulder fixed twice but since I am a squeak away from 50, the parts are starting to need repair and maintenance quite often.  I am spending my days in PT for a few weeks before I head off to yoga.

Herein lies the irony, being a physical therapist myself. My friends all say, why don't you just  fix it yourself? How could you let it get this bad? All good questions. No good answers!

So, you can find me at Procore PT, a couple of days a week, for six or eight weeks. Hopefully with some big hunky man hands fixing me.

This  does not mean I have not been able to make some new pretties to show off! Here are a few colorful ones, and some new silver for men and women. I have so many pieces done! Here are just  a few. Let me know what you think! Thanks so much.

Check my handmade earrings section on Etsy.com

Take a peak at my Eco-friendly Recycled Silver Section of my shop

I will keep you posted of my progress! Thanks so much for reading.

Eco-friendly Music Note Pendant Necklace

Friday, August 31, 2012



 I am starting September 10th; and not just any yoga...

Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga! at Cool Hot Yoga in Cresskill, NJ.

This unique fusion technique created by Christopher Harris is revolutionary in relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe using the AntiGravity® Hammock. This soft trapeze  supports you while  you master simple inversions and  progress to more advanced poses.
AntiGravity® Yoga is a fitness regimen designed to increase  overall health and physical agility while having fun and creating healthful beauty.
For me, what jumps out in this sentence is "while having fun".  As a physical therapist I tell my patients who are bored with their exercise to think of what they enjoyed doing as a child. Chances are, this is something they will still love to do today. I loved riding my bicycle and still do today. Who didn't love the freedom and weightless feeling of a swing? I can't wait to feel weightless in the AntiGravity® Hammock!

A little history...AntiGravity® is an acrobatic aerial performance troupe whose daily workout utilizes the AntiGravity® Hammock.  So, this technique was originally created for professional athletes and gymnasts and has been modified and perfected for the everyday athlete. 

It is a workout with components borrowed from dance, Pilates and calisthenics, with a focus on realigning you through decompression in the absence of gravity's pull on your joints. AntiGravity® Yoga works to manipulate physics while you relax, breathe, and enjoy.

I wish you could all come with me to Cool Hot Yoga!  If you live in Bergen or Rockland County, you should try.  They are on  Facebook too.

The physical therapist in me cannot resist these benefits (with the added level of fun!)

 Aerial Yoga Benefits

  • Decompress tight joints
  • Relieving pressure while aligning the vertebrae
  • Perform advanced yoga inversions without neck or back compression
  • Hold challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment
  • Stretch further with less strain
  • Add an entirely new dimension to your Yoga practice
  • Create better body awareness while increasing overall agility 

Find out more about Anti-gravity yoga, and teacher training near you. They are on Facebook and  have fantastic content on Youtube.

Recycled Silver, Fair Trade Ruby - Hamsa Modern Heirloom Pendant
I have been busy in the studio this Summer. While on topic, I will show you a few of my Yoga-inspired classic pieces and my new silk wrap bracelets for Fall! I am so excited about them! 

They are made with 100% recycled silver, like all of my artisan pieces, and 70" of luxurious hand-dyed silk ribbon to wrap 'round and 'round your wrist.

The Star toggle has a hand inscribed message on the back reminding you  to "shine" everyday. For me this means that everyday is another chance to reach my fullest potential. It is a simple word that can be loaded with meaning for its wearer.

And some of my classic Faded Lotus favorites:

This is the back of the reversible pendant below.

I love a captive audience!

To me, Autumn feels like a more natural time to make (and keep) resolutions than New Years. It seems more organic to change as the season changes. Are you making any resolutions?   I will let you know how my Anti Gravity adventure is going! I hope you all have a wonderful labor-less Labor Day weekend.

Thank you for reading,
p.s.  leave a comment if you have time, let me know you were here, thanks so much!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Laura Stamper Wearable Art

 Laura's Girls

Mother Nature

Welcome to a world of wearable sculpture, where imagination meets art. Each unique piece is crafted from porcelain and gemstones, and set in mixed metals
(sterling silver,fine silver, mokume gane, 18k, 22k and 24k gold).

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Bracelet

For more than 20 years Laura Stamper has created sculpture to wear. If you were lucky enough, you may have stumbled upon her artwork in one of many  select galleries and art shows across the country.  It is only recently that her pieces are available for viewing and purchase online on Etsy.com and on her website.

In jest, I titled this piece, "Laura's Girls", however, she sculpts and created much more than only women. Her jewelry pieces depicting women in their most feminine form are just some of  my favorites.

Marilyn Ring

Laura's evolution

Laura is a studied portrait painter; her first love being painting and illustrating. When approaching a new piece, she thinks in terms of color, composition and negative space. In 1986, the creative process grew to work in clay sculpture and pottery. She dabbled with small pieces of porcelain jewelry, drawing pictures and glazing the miniatures. In 1993, she took the process one step further and sculpted the porcelain to make the jewelry. As the work evolved, so did her desire to work with metal in order to incorporate the porcelain miniatures with other materials.
The entire process for each piece consists of multiple steps. She sculpts the miniatures in fine porcelain. They are then fired several times in small kilns layering the glazes. When they are finished, they are married with gemstones and other natural materials using fabrication techniques. The metals that used in this process are fine and sterling silver, 18k and 22k gold and 24k gold leaf.
The final result, a breathtaking, miniature piece of wearable art that you will cherish forever.

Long Mermaid Earrings

Here is where Laura will be over the next few months, and a listing of some of her permanent installations:

Port Clinton Art Fair - August 25-26
, Chicago IL

Lakeview East Art Fair - September 8-9
 Chicago IL

Craftworks at Martha's Vineyard

Dennison-Moran Gallery in  
Naples, FL

 in Santa Fe, AZ

  The on line store for hand made items

American Craft

One at a Time
Fine craft catalog of hand made items from around the world.

Dennison Moran Gallery
Gallery of fine art and craft. Located on Naples main street: 696 5th avenue South, Naples,FL.

Designer Jewelry Showcase
Annual publication of jewelers for wholesale accounts.

Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Laura-Stamper-Designs