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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rustic Rock Jewelry's Time to Squeak

100% Recycled Bronze

Everyday I am filled with ideas and passion for both of my  Etsy shops. But, Your Daily Jewels, has become the squeaky wheel, and Rustic Rock Jewelry has not been receiving the promotional attention it deserves.

 Many of my customers, friends, and Etsy teammates are not really sure what Rustic Rock Jewelry is all about, so I feel it is time to devote  few  minutes to it. 

Years ago, it started out as a place where I would only deconstruct vintage or broken jewelry and reconstruct it into unique modern pieces using the older metals, findings, and stones. 

Vintage Necklace Re-purposed into a Triple Chain Choker (sold)
Your Daily Jewels is filled with shiny and oxidized silver and gold; and here, I love combining natural stone with earthy brass, copper, and oxidized, (antiqued) metals;  as well as reclaimed or vintage  metals.  

"Small Bananas" (sold)  Reconstructed from a Vintage Necklace
Through my love for gemstones in their natural form, Rustic Rock Jewelry evolved into a shop where I could get my fill of playing with druzy, (drusy), geodes; rough cuts, and hammered gemstones and create modern and affordable jewelry for everyday wear.

Earthy metals and chunky stone. In a word, "rustic"

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