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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Who's Your Daddy? Celebrating 7 Typical Types of Dads

Who's Your Daddy - Is He Here?

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F A T H E R S   D A Y 

is around the corner, (June 15 - for those wondering which corner.)  

 It's time to celebrate the man who brought you into this world, and all his lovable eccentricities. My dad wore black socks with sandals at the beach and this is a true story. He did not know how to dress casually. If he wasn't in a suit he looked like he may have been dumpster diving. 

1. He was a "Type A" dad, but, back in the seventies, this kind of dad was a lot different than today's Type-A dad.

Similarities: workaholic, white collar, successful, driven.  They are "doing it all for the family-dads", (although they were not around much.)

Differences between then and now: Type-A in the Seventies: 4 martini lunches; 
Today: 4 Triathlons a year.

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2. "Hip-Pop or Pal-dad: He's "down" with your friends and wants to hang with you any chance he gets. Your friends love him and you do your best to make him feel included by sharing "just enough" information. He lives for his family.

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3. The "Older" Dad: All of your friends had cool young dads who wore blue jeans on the weekends.  This dad has never owned blue jeans. "Traditional" barely begins to describe this solid, wise, family man

Your Father Has Always Kept You on Course

4. The "Glory Days" Dad: He wears his original Grateful Dead tee-shirt any chance he gets and blasts the classic rock station while mowing the lawn. To your horror, you have seen him playing air guitar when he thought no one was looking.  He's more than happy to recount again and again, stories of his mis-spent youth. He keeps a close eye on his kids because he knows what he was up to at their age. He would do anything for his family.

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5. Hard-ass Dad:  Maybe he’s a cop or ex-military, but you grew up knowing  the boundaries  (and how to sneak around them). Your friends are still scared of him even though you are all in your thirties now. You know that deep down he is a softy, who would probably kill or at least maim for his family.

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6. “The Renaissance Dad.”  This Father is all about family togetherness, and makes a point of being home for dinner every night.  When not with their families, he is  usually out jogging. Weekends and vacations are spent as a family;  camping, church activities, volunteering, or just being together somehow. 

Moving away and having your own family is no excuse for not being all together on the holidays. This dad's motto is "family first, forever".

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7. The Bad-dad: This guy has to be mentioned. Even if you never met your dad, or if he hurt and/or abandoned you long ago, you feel his presence on Father's Day. If you bum-out every Father's Day, this year, try being thankful for him and letting go of some of your anger. Someone once said to me,

 "Holding onto anger is like taking poison and hoping the other guy suffers"   

It is pointless and hurtful only to you.

Without him, you would not be here, and who you are,  and that is worth celebrating.

The Combo-Dad: No dad can fit perfectly into any of these categories, and I could come up with a lot more dad-stereotypes. Your dad probably has some characteristics of several of these dads, but one common thread runs through all the dads discussed here. They are all about their love for their family. That's worth celebrating on Father's Day. 

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