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Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Catch Spring Fever When the Snow Won't Stop Falling

Waiting for April showers to bring some May Flowers!

March 26th, officially Spring, 38 degrees.  It is really hard to get into the frisky mood of Spring.  Spring fever hasn't even teased its way into the breeze yet. The lawn is still covered in taunting brown blotches of snow and it was sleeting yesterday.  How is your Spring so far?

In lieu of my own extended case of S.A.D. which has hung in through Daylight savings this year, I am looking for ways to force Spring fever into my soul. 

I've chosen  fun Springy goodies to show you.  If you are suffering through an extended Winter, maybe these will help you too!


Soft, pastel colors always remind me of Easter. The first official Spring dress-up day. It is time to put these on, now. Switch your clothes to trick your brain.

Earth Energy Weddings - Pastel Sapphire Chakra Dangle Earrings

I am going to buy a gorgeous Spring dress. and try something really new with my hair. (But both must be worn with a smile or it does not work- attn: miss model )

Found on Pinterest.

If you're not the dressy-dress type, go for a new Spring separates outfit that you can mix and match. Pastels make you feel extra feminine which helps usher in that lovely Spring feeling. They also are the polar opposite of the dark colors you have been wearing all Winter. Its time to change your clothes to help inspire your brain.

Just Cavalli - Gorgeous for Spring

Following the pastels of early Spring are the flowery and fruity Spring and Summer colors. Everything goes, except the classic jewel-tones which bode best in Autumn and Winter.

Don't forget to change your makeup and get freshly colored manicures and pedicures.

Found on Pinterest

Bee Stickers by Kate Broughton on Etsy

Get a jump on Spring with these incredible Easter, art-cookies from Rolling Pin Productions, strait outta Brooklyn.  Hand crafted by master baker - Susanna Caliendo.  Send them to friends or family, or even better, treat yourself.

<img src="yourdailyjewels spring fever" alt="Rollingpinproductions your daily jewels">
Customized Easter Cookies from Rolling Pin Productions - Order Yours for Any Occasion

Order via email:   order@rollingpinproductions.com 

<img src="yourdailyjewels spring fever" alt="Rollingpinproductions your daily jewels">
Susanna Caliendo can make ANYTHING Deliciously Edible!

Look up the top songs from your high school graduation year, when Spring meant Summer, and Summer meant freedom. Especially in senior year, when Spring meant the beginning of the rest of your life. 

Mine was "Call Me" by Blondie. It still gives me a knot in my stomach when I hear it; bringing me back to sitting in a circle with my girlfriends on the lawn of my high school, eating lunch on a gorgeous breezy Spring day, waiting for the rest of our lives.

(Now I am on a quest for an authentic vintage tee on Ebay.)

I presented part of my Spring line of jewelry and this always gives me a Spring fever-ey feeling. I think its time to roll-out Summer, just to really give Spring a kick in the butt.


Beach Wedding Time?

Beach Wedding Beauties - from Your Daily Jewels


BLOOMING  SILVER Earrings  - Contact YourDailyJewels.etsy.com

Rainbow Beach Glass

I know it will be here before we know it, but it does seem like everyone has been saying , wait until next week.... for a lot of weeks.  I am not waiting any more and am going to 'act as if" and hope my nervous and endocrine systems follow, with those little jolts of the zeal of new beginnings, motivation, and feelings of invincibility that come with Spring.

Thank you for reading