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Friday, March 20, 2015

Wax Seal Talisman Pendants for Men

 Meaningful Personalized Talisman

Mind you, these are just a small fraction of the new line I am bringing out this Spring, just in time for Fathers day. Antique wax seal pendants to suit men of every style. Even men who have never worn jewelry love my rustic, historic, heraldic pendants.

The talisman, many with ancient Latin mottoes, are crafted from wax seals made between 1800- 1870, and their sayings still ring true today.  Even without mottoes, the pendants are brimming with meaning drawn from Heraldry.

The elephant often appears in Heraldic crests and with accepted symbolism of great strength, wit, longevity, happiness, royalty, good luck, and ambition. 

The elephant pendant above  has a motto that reads "Tenax en Fide" which means "'Steadfast in Faith'. To me, this means one who has strength in their convictions.

See the elephant trucks below!

Print made by Barthel Beham Formerly attributed to Sebald Beham Coat-of-arms of Melchior Pfinzing; roundel with an escutcheon with two donkeys; surmounted by two helms with an ass in the left crest and two elephant trunks in the right. c.1530 via Pinterest

Beneath the elephant pendant is another pendant with a Latin motto, featuring a sword and a crescent moon in the "horn" position. The crescent in this position, (depending on your source,) has been said to mean,
"One who has been honored by the sovereign; and hope of greater glory, (horns to the chief.)

The sword is traditionally believed to mean " justice and military honor." I love this pendant because at first glance it looks like an anchor, (which has an accepted heraldic meaning of salvation, hope, and steadfastness).

The Latin reads "Per Ardua Ad Alta" and is best translated to: 
"Through toil - to great heights"  which I construe to mean "hard work pays off".

I have many more pendants coming out. I will keep you posted with a big announcement when I am ready tointroduce the whole line.

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