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Sunday, February 26, 2012

CPR and Lifesaving Techniques for Dogs

Take 5 minutes out of your day, OK, maybe it might be ten minutes, to really commit this to memory: CPR for your precious family member, your dog.

In a Red Cross survey, 89% of adult Americans think it should be mandatory for adults to learn Community CPR and basic life saving techniques. The number who actually keep up their certification falls sadly lower than this percentage.

Mucho Gusto and Sitting Bull - Bull Doggie Brothers - Courtesy of LoveStoneArts

As you can imagine, there are no statistics for canine CPR, yet so many of us  consider our dog a very important member of our family.

Read, understand, and memorize this chart. Practice on your poochie, share it with your family, hang it on your wall, email it to your friends. Look at these guys, how can you not take a few minutes to learn this simple, potentially lifesaving technique.

Good Boy Gus

Gus (mid-haircut when the groomer sent him home, halfway cut, after he was "fresh")

The Magical Face of "Lyric" Courtesy of DebrasDivineDesigns

Tina, My Sweet Girl