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Purchasing Your Personalized Wax Seal jewelry Initial and Monogram

Here are your choices for the reverse side of your custom wax seal jewelry initial pendant created by Your Daily Jewels or the Wax Seal Jewelry Source. 

Please order by number. The smallest size pendants will not have patterned reverse sides.

Pendant Sizing


1”      $86.00

7/8”    $76.00

¾”      $55.00

5/8:    $42.00

½”      $36.00

¼”      $28.00

Due to the nature of handmade, all sizes are approximate. All ranges in price are related to process: larger pendants require an increase in front-to-back thickness to carry the diameter, thus, a larger price increase.

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The traditional monogram today is three letters. The center letter is the first letter of the last name, and is also the largest of the three letters on the pendant.

It is surrounded by the initials of the first and middle names, which are both smaller.

 But, there is no one stopping you if you want to have all your initials the same size; use two initials, embed a gemstone or birthstone; or whatever you can dream up. I am happy to help you come up with ideas and I have literally hundreds of fonts to work with!

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*Prices Subject to change without this page being updated  

**Monograms priced in-shop, as per design. 

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