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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coming soon!

My new line of 99% pure silver jewelry made from precious metal clay is in the works.

I cannot say enough great things about my three day PMC Connection course taught by artist, Vera Lightstone in her NYC loft. Every minute of the days was filled with learning, doing, and laughing!  And you get to go home with 8 - 10 finished pieces! If three days is too much, she offers a two day course as well. I guarantee you will be hooked, like me. It is good to know she offers lots of advanced courses, as well.

W.39th Street

Carla, Vera's Assistant and a Student's Best Friend

Blob of Clay - Not Very Exciting

Here is a piece I made on the first day! Very exciting!

There are many more pieces to come! I have been busy playing with clay, now I have to get new pieces photographed to show you

About PMC, from http://www.pmcguild.com/
  • PMC is an amazingly plastic and versatile material. It can be shaped by hand, folded, molded, extruded and painted on another surface.
  • PMC can be endlessly textured and takes on microscopically fine definition.
  • PMC can be mixed with ceramic powders and oxides to assume new shades of color and a rougher texture.
  • PMC can be fired with stones and ceramics. It can be glazed and enameled.
  • PMC fits a wide range of artistic visions but not all. It compliments but does not displace traditional jewelry methods.

Basically, you have this little lump of clay that you can shape and mold in a million ways.  The clay is fine particles of recycled silver mixed with a binder that turns it into clay. The binder burns off and you are left with shining, strong, almost pure silver. The final result is 99.9% pure, recycled silver, as compared to sterling which is 92.5% pure. So far, I have only used Silver, but the clay comes in brass, copper, and gold formations too.

You can play with your hands; you can use all of your clay-making tools on it, and then finish it with all of your silversmithing tools.  You can combine it with your beading and wireworking projects.

It can be fired in a kiln, but before making that investment, you can torch it with a simple kitchen torch. You know, the kind you use for Creme Brulee. You will not believe your beginner results!

Feel free to ask me any questions you have and check back here and at my Etsy Shops, Rustic Rock Jewelry and Your Daily Jewels,  for more creations.

(Did I mention that PJClarke retired and  is now Rustic Rock Jewelry)

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

JETS Rock!

Just in time for the holidays, announcing

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