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Saturday, September 28, 2013

DIY = FUN: EVERYTHING You Need To Design Your Own Jewelry

My designing wheels are always turning. I wake up in the night with jewelry designs on my mind, envisioning  not only how  I will make it  and what the piece will  look like, but who would love it, and what it might mean to them.

I am really approachable when it comes to co-designing. Over the years,  I have come to learn that my customers have great ideas, crystal clear vision and strong intention when it comes to designing jewelry that fills their  particular desire/need.  It really makes my job easy, and so personal. It is wonderful seeing how satisfied they are knowing they had so much say in their final result. Their "intention" was met. This is so important to me.  We work  together to design a jewelry piece with great meaning to them; that they or their recipient will cherish forever.

Working with a designer is not for everyone. With this in mind, I have sections in two of my shops, Your Daily Jewels and Silver Initial Jewelry,  called "Design Your Own."  In these sections, you are free to look around at options for adding on to your jewelry design, on your own, without me hanging over your shoulder.  I include design ideas too, but mostly gemstones, charm bracelet blanks and necklace chain, leather, crystals, pearls, initial charms and lots more.

I can wire wrap a gemstone or Swarovski crystal in your birthstone or favorite color. What a perfect gift: a wax seal initial pendant necklace accompanied by the recipients birthstone. I would be happy!

Earthy, Wirewrapped Gemstones

Chalcedony comes in the most beautiful colors. You can add this to a necklace or create a lovely charm bracelet full of them!

Add Some Luscious Chalcedony

Brass with Oxidized Silver Finish Charm Bracelet Lots to Choose From!

Add Inspirational Words or Dates

These are just SOME of the charms I can make  

Another of my favorite words...

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and read. I am so appreciative of your support.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Matte Gold - The Perfect Neutral

I love matte gold jewelry. It goes with everything. I mix it with shiny 18k gold and even with my  oxidized sterling pieces. Like fashion these days, anything goes, if you do it right! 

I just loaded  a few more pair of matte gold earrings into my original shop on Etsy, "Your Rustic Jewelry". I f you haven't shopped there yet, take a peek. It is very affordable and full of great and unique gift ideas.

This is my most expensive item and it is only $79. After this, the prices drop to $50 and some pieces are $15.00!

Pink Chunk Tourmaline Points Necklace - October Birthday Idea!

Here is a nice selection of some of my matte gold earrings, all between $24 and $28!

This Gorgeous Matte Gold Bracelet comes in Matte Black Too

Minimalist Matte Gold Triple Loops from Your Rustic Jewelry
one more:

Thanks for reading!

Tomorrow I will be reporting in from www. SilverInitialJewelry.com and announcing the two grande prize winners of the Facebook contest that has been running for the past two weeks!! The lucky two will choose wax seal silver initials to be made just for them by my newest shop

Bye for now!