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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Big Bling Stack
Stephanie is the NYC based artist behind the incredible jewelry collections of Metalicious and I am happy to feature her as our Jet of the Day today. Happy, yes, but very challenged. I have fallen in love with so many pieces that I do not know where to begin. Lets start with Stephanie and her inspiration in her own words:

"Metalicious is forged from my passion to create using both my hands and my imagination. My creativity is influenced by science and nature, forming a balance that translates into my work. From architecture to tree bark to brick walls, there is beauty and perfection in every form and texture"

Wide Band Alternative Modern Engagement and Wedding Rings

"Big Bling" and the ring set above are part of the  timeless Modern Rock Collection. These  highly polished, faceted "metal jewels" sparkle like gemstones. The collection includes other ring styles, earrings and necklaces. Less is more in the Modern Rock Collection and these pieces stand out in a crowd and make a fashion statement.

Stephanie’s inspiration comes from the pureness of form, the vibrant color and sparkle of 
gemstones, diamonds and precious metals, and her desire to create timeless designs. She makes each original piece by hand using various techniques, from traditional metalsmithing to unconventional wirework.

Periwinkle Lavender Purple Tanzanite Filigree Antique Look Pendant Necklace in Wrought Sterling
 These little "Sweetie" earrings are made to look like diamond stud earrings, but with a colorful surprise.

Teal Blue Topaz Diamond Stud Earrings

There is so much more to see, from the fun 'Bubbles" collection, to the men's jewelry selections that even my man would wear! Whether you are in the market for rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, or if you just love well made, artisan jewelry, do not miss a visit to Metalicious

Want to find more Metalicious on the web?
Visit Stephanie's website to see all of the collections
 Follow her on Facebook for special deals and events.
Sign up for the Metalicious newsletter for special deals.

MyaBruce Designs


What started as a creative way to send announcements and invitations for her children has turned into a full blown custom photo card company for this already multi-multi-tasking mama.


And if Leah, of MyaBruce Designs was not busy enough, she has added a collection of fantastic personalized  jewelry to her repertoire.

Leah can take your special photo and make unique and unforgettable invitations, announcements, thank you notes,note cards, stationery and more! You work with her every step of the way to assure the perfect photo card for your needs.

Leah's Additional Pendants for her Silver Necklaces


Girls Personalized Budding Turquoise Necklace

For this pendant, Leah paired up with the photographer who had ordered the pendant
"I Shoot People" Pendant 

The choices for her personalized jewelry are limited only by your imagination! You work together to create the perfect piece of custom jewelry.
Personalized Bronze and Gold Set

I told you that Leah of Mya Bruce Designs was a multi-tasker. Please, check out her blog to learn more about her jewelry and see lots more pictures.
AND, read all about Leah's efforts in Darfur and her human rights activism. You will read about a very inspirational woman and how the efforts of one can subsequently move mountains.

Leah founded "Be Their Messenger" !

It has been my pleasure to tell you about this shop and its owner. Thank you so much for reading,
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Friday, February 18, 2011


Try hitME Free! During their launch promotion.
What does this mean? It means you can send an Ecard with a song attached.
The song is a gift the recipient can download and keep forever.

How? Its easy as 1-2-3-4

This is a fantastic idea from my friend Isabel at ecardindustries.
How many ecards do you open and think, "nice, they spent 20 seconds sending me a card".
Those thoughts do not apply to a hitME card.
First, your recipient will know you took the time to choose an artistic and beautiful card, not kitschy.
Next, they will know you took the time to choose the gift of a song  you know they will love; or that has deep meaning for the two of you; or that sends a message that you cannot put into words yourself.

What are you waiting for? Try it for free!
Use it on Facebook. Simply "allow" the application and you are off and running.

about hitMe and ecardindustries (http://www.ecardindustries.com/hitme)
hitME is the first web application to enable users to send full-featured e-greetings to anyone with an email address and attach a downloadable digital gift - which currently can be any song or album from more than 10,000 major and independent record labels.

Future digital gifts will include video games, television series, movies, digital books, tickets, and gift cards.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jet of the Day: Malves1009: Handmade by Michele

Today’s Jet of the Day is Michele, lovingly known as Malves 1009, who runs the shop Handmade by Michele on Etsy.com
A simple gesture of having been given a crystal necklace by her mother began the career of this talented jewelry maker. Loving the way it sparkled, she was hooked.
Glamorous Crystal Earrings
Today, she is a mother and a wife, and one of those women who cause me to scratch my head and think, “How does she do it all?”. But, lucky for us, she manages to fit making jewelry in, and with a fantastic eye for design.
Round Fuchsia Pink Earrings
Michele creates lovely handmade and affordable, vintage inspired jewelry featuring Swarovski and Czech crystals, pearls, Bohemian faceted glass stones, and Czech glass beads. These beautiful gems are artistically paired with sterling silver and gold filled metals, and  base metals as well. In addition to jewelry, Michele designs a small collection of accessories.
Amethyst Purple Flower Headband

Crystal Clear Bracelet

Much of the collection has a vintage-inspired feel. However, many of the components Micheles uses are actual vintage or antique pieces.

 Michele stands behind her quality made pieces and manages to keep them affordable for those at any budget. Whether you are looking for an everyday piece, a “black tie” piece, or a custom design for the wedding of your dreams, you will benefit from Michele’s creativity and talent and will own a piece of vintage inspired handmade jewelry that will last for years to come.
Blue Swirl and Antique Silver Necklace
Want more Michele?
If you are local, or heading "down the shore", stop in Asbury Park and see her jewelry and accessories at Hold Fast, Asbury Park, NJ
Or learn more about her on her blog.

Thank you for reading.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty Mums Earrings in Magenta

For some, a sunny day is mood altering. For those lucky people it is almost impossible to have a bad feeling when the sun is shining.

Spring bud Fabric Brooch in Peridot

For me, color has the same effect. Certain colored  objects, environments, clothes or jewelry just make me happy.

When I took a stroll down the virtual aisles of  Your Are My Sunshine  I just felt happy. It is as if you are in a garden of color. 

Like a Monet Necklace in Blue and Yellow
Recycled Fabric Fairy Pink Hairpins with Pink Seedbeads

Nina specializes in handmade fabric flower brooches, fabric flower hairpins, rings, earrings, bracelets and statement necklaces using a rainbow of colors to bring sunshine to your outfit and your day.

                                                     These are my absolute favorites!
Bobbypin Set: Glitter and Rhinestone  Snowflakes
At You are My Sunshine you will fine an entire collection of ethereal and splendid bridal and wedding pieces.
So beautiful they make me almost want to get married! Well, maybe I can work the pieces into a nice Summer outfit instead.
Frayed Roses Fabric Flower Necklace

 This piece is so unique!
Bracelet Corsage with Fabric Flower

Color works magic by communicating with our emotions. It  inspires, energizes, soothes, and enlivens. Take a peek at the one of a kind, handmade brooches, hairpins and jewelry  at You Are my Sunshine and "feel the color".

My Heart is Yours: Fabric Flower Statement necklace

 More of Nina on the Web:
Nina also runs an all vintage, must-see, shop on Etsy at
She authors a fantastic blog at

Thank you for reading.

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Jet of the Day: cooljewelryJR

Today, our Jet of the Day is Pam from cooljewelryJR, the sister store to cooljewelrydesign. Pam lives in Atlanta and is proud to be a former Jersey Girl. Yay, go Jersey! (Some of us have to stick up for New Jersey).
'Wavelength' Red and Silver Ruffled Lampwork Necklace
I have not met Pam, but I have a feeling she is a lot like her jewelry, cool, eclectic, unique, one of a kind, and a world of color and texture!
'Hot Cider' Amber Glass necklace on Silver Chain
Pam takes chances in her jewelry design and her risk is well rewarded in this second shop of hers on Etsy. Her designs are edgy; often asymmetrical, and, as she describes some of her pieces, "random Chaos". 
'Skully's Cousin"  Day of the Dead Necklace

You will also find the occasional beautifully restored vintage piece of jewelry, rounding out a collection of handmade bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that is unique and  appealing to women of all ages.
"Big Mama" Vintage Burgundy Gold Domed Earrings
"Cascade" Green, Blue and Amber Quartz Bracelet  
"Paradise" Apricot Handmade Enamel Flower Earrings
 Pam knows women and understands our need to feel pretty. This knowledge is what drives her jewelry making. She does it for us, ladies. So we can feel pretty.


Thanks for reading,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jet of the Day: Little Brown Bird

Our Jet of the Day today is Mary of Little Brown Bird out of Chicago.

Mary is not a "jeweler" per se, she is an artist. And each of her handmade jewelry pieces is  a little piece of her art that you can wear. 

Baroque Earrings

Each piece in  her eclectic collection of one of a kind rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and accessories has a little special something, different from any other.  

Butterfly Round Silver Pendant

Mary does not just love all things shiny, she brings to her work a love for photography, writing, painting, singing, and acting. An artist experiences the world differently than you and me. The non-artist sees the world, the artist is inspired by the world. 
Peridot and Silver Wide Band Ring


You can actually feel the inspiration in Mary's Jewelry. She, herself states that,
"Every piece created is a product of a restless imagination."

Love Quotes Fine Silver Vertical Pendant

At Little Brown Bird you will find jewelry for all the ages. You will find items that range from  semiprecious stones and interesting glass beads set in sterling and .999 Fine Silver, to beautiful beads or found objects and mixed metals

Little Brown Bird is one of those shops that you want to keep checking in on. You never know what to expect as Mary's  style is ever changing and evolving.
Button Bling Hair Pins

You can also visit Mary's two other shops on Etsy:http://urbanmetal.etsy.com for fine silver original designs and
http://intheraw.etsy.com for creative supplies.

For a real treat, visit Mary's blog for a window into her creative process.


 Visit Little Brown Bird on Etsy for yourself, for one of a kind handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and accessories

Thank you for reading,


Friday, February 11, 2011

JET of the DAY: Juliaa

Our Jet of the Day is JuliaA, who comes to Etsy and us from Chicago. Julia is a lifelong jewelry lover and wearer, and for the past several years, a creator.

Never caught without jewelry,  Julia admits to feeling naked without Earrings. I agree! I would rather leave the house without makeup before I would leave without jewelry!
Trois Perles
Julia wants other women to feel the way she does when she wears jewelry; "put together" without too much fuss. This is why she creates  such comfortable jewelry which can compliment an outfit for any occasion.

Forever in Blue Jeans with Sterling Silver

She has been beading and making jewelry for years. She admits to obsessing over the aesthetics of her pieces and it is easy to see that she does indeed.

Juliaa specializes in earrings and is happy to work with you on the custom beaded and gemstone earrings that you have always dreamed of.

Sea Foam Glass Earrings in Sterling Silver
Ocean Cascade with Swarovski Crystal and Sterli

To see and shop for sterling silver, gemstone, beaded, and Swarovski Crystal handmade earrings, take a stroll throughJuliaA's store on Etsy.com.