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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Etsy's BEST Weekly: Moonangelnay

Etsy's BEST Feature:

Today, I have the pleasure of showcasing the multi-dimensional expressions of Moonangelnay Photography on Etsy

Digital Art, photography, and something to think about.

Peaceful Mind

I get bored looking at art. I know  this makes me sound shallow and I probably  should not admit this but it is true. One thing I never get bored of is feeling art. Moonangelnay's altered art pieces creep into my soul and are felt on many levels.

Naomi is a brilliant UK artist taking digital photography to places I have not seen before.
 It is her objective in the branding of her work, to present to you more than just physical art or home decor, but something to think about.

Among other digital artistry, Naomi brilliantly works the Bokeh effect into her artwork: shallow depth of field, a fuzzy background, and starry or water drippy highlights.

My interpretation of her inspirations would be nature, light and dark, playing with color and abstract thought.

This is an Aceo entitled  "Watching Over", for me it has the ethereal beauty of a pre-natal ultrasound.

I love how the light "pushes" through dark in "Paw Prints"

Sometimes when I look at art I feel so stupid because I just don't "get it".   No anxious thought at all when viewing  Moonangelnay's artwork, I just feel it. You will too.

You must visit her fine art photo gallery and shop on  on Etsy.com
I urge you to read her blog too. It is fascinating to get to know the compelling  artist behind these images.

Visit more of Naomi's homes all over the Web

 More Info:

Moonangelnay prints on Archival quality papers.
Archival photo's are said to last for almost 100 years. The term is used when the right papers and pigmented inks are combined to produce photographs that are more resistant to humidity, and fade.
This multi-talented artisan also has an entirely different shop on Etsy. Take a looky look at Babamoon the cutest baby shop on Etsy, full of  original designs handmade crochet baby hats, newsboy caps, crochet animal hats, earflap beanies, baby shower gifts, infant flower headbands, baby nest cocoon pods and dress up accessories. Most Items are 'Made To Order'
Naomi is a member of the BEST of Etsy.
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